NAFOA was founded over four decades ago as the Native American Finance Officers Association to highlight the role of tribal finance in fostering economic opportunities. Since that time, NAFOA has grown along with tribal economies. We are committed to supporting tribal economies through sound economic and fiscal policy, innovative learning opportunities, convening thought leadership, and developing resources for tribes that strengthen governance and exercise sovereignty. 

What We Do

NAFOA advocates for sound economic and fiscal policy, develops innovative training programs in financial management, builds the financial and economic skills of the next generation, and convenes tribal leadership, experienced professionals, and economic partners to meet the challenges of economic growth and change.

Our History Highlights

What does "NAFOA" stand for?​

Founded over 40 years ago, the Native American Finance Officers Association started as a gathering for tribal financial professionals working to develop policies and procedures necessary for their tribes to succeed. Since that time, NAFOA’s mission has grown to support growing tribal economies.

Note to Press: Please refer to our organization as “NAFOA,” or “NAFOA, founded as the Native American Finance Officers Association.” For press or media inquiries, please contact Bettina Gonzalez, Director of Communications, at bettina@nafoa.org.

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