2018 Gen-I Career Success Fellowship Program


2018 Gen-I Career Success Fellowship Program

November 22, 2017




NAFOA & CNAY Seeking Applicants for the Gen-I Career Success Fellowship Program

As part of the Generation Indigenous (Gen-I) movement, the Center for Native American Youth (CNAY) and NAFOA have partnered to create the Gen-I Career Success Fellowship program. Recognizing that business and finance can solve problems and improve society, the fellowship program is designed to broaden career interest in professions that will advance tribal economic development.


April 22, 2018 - Leadership Summit
April 23-24, 2018 - NAFOA Annual Conference

Preceding NAFOA’s 36th Annual Conference in New Orleans, fellows from across the country will participate in a Leadership Summit led by top executives, managers, and tribal leaders who will help them advance their new skill set and prepare them for the job market.

Fellows will also learn about innovative tribal enterprises and the unique products being created in Indian Country. Fellows will expand their professional contacts by attending Gen-I and NAFOA networking events, luncheons, track sessions, and off-site visits.


All applicants must enroll and complete NAFOA’s Native American Career Success Academy, an online professional development curriculum for Native youth. The curriculum consists of two modules: Career Preparation and Navigating Your Real Costs.

The coursework is designed to help Native youth develop the skill set and confidence required to become financially responsible young adults and successful young professionals. Completion of the NACSA curriculum is required to be eligible for the fellowship program.  

For questions or comments please contact Cody Harjo, NAFOA Education Coordinator, at cody@nafoa.org or (202) 407-2368.