Advance in Austin at the 33rd Annual Conference!


Advance in Austin at the 33rd Annual Conference!

February 22, 2015


In today's world, new ideas, practices, and solutions to address economic issues emerge constantly in Indian Country. Dynamic trends in tribal economies, financing options, accounting regulations, and policy affecting tribes can drive change in powerful ways. 

Benefit from the 33rd Annual Conference, to be held in Austin, Texas on April 20-21, 2015, and turn insights into practical recommendations to help your tribe move forward.

Learn About Emerging Issues in Indian Country: 

The conference will bring the latest issues to light through: interactive discussions on important economic, legal and social considerations of marijuana in Indian Country, General Welfare Exclusion implementation and formation of the Tribal Advisory Committee, the role of declination letters, and discharging debt.

Sharpen Your Advocacy Skills: 

Advance your advocacy efforts politically and financially by attending sessions such as Understanding Washington, DC: An Insider's View, and Preparing Your Tribal Projects for Financing. Speakers will discuss advocacy campaigns and provide tips on how to turn your business concept into a funded plan.

Meet the Experts: 

NAFOA brings together experts from all sectors of the tribal finance, accounting, and economic development industries under the roof of one conference. Gain direct feedback on accounting policies, indirect cost rate agreements, succession plans for graduates of federal financing programs, and structuring contracts to avoid costly mistakes.

Learn more about the agenda and start planning your experience at the 33rd Annual Conference today.

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