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Beyond the Headlines - Energy Prospects in Indian Country

March 2, 2016

Beyond the Headlines - Energy Prospects in Indian Country
The energy industry continues to make headlines with falling oil and gas prices. Join us to hear from the experts on what these historic lows mean, including what energy projects work for tribal governments, how to manage energy assets, and even how to take advantage of lower prices to increase spending in the consumer-friendly businesses of hospitality and gaming. 
Featured Panel Sessions:
The Potential Energy of Indian Country
The headlines are clear. Oil, natural gas, and coal are more abundant than the demand for these resources. Beyond the headlines and new realities of low energy prices lies opportunity for tribal governments choosing to develop their local resources and create alternative sources for energy independence and economic growth. Our panel will discuss current trends - including micro-grids, financial resources, and the federal government's role in streamlining processes and assistance.
Energy Projects for Tribal Governments
Electric power generation will increasingly be tied tomultiple energy sources such as coal, gas, wind and solar. This opens opportunities for tribes to participate in energy development beyond just coal and oil. It also creates opportunities for infrastructure improvements in energy efficiency of tribal government operations. Panelists will examine regulatory changes and economic forces impacting the energy market and discuss how technology, project development, and asset management strategies can help tribes promote energy conservation.
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