Call for Nominations for the 10th Annual Leadership Awards Luncheon


Call for Nominations for the 10th Annual Leadership Awards Luncheon

February 9, 2017

Call For Nominations for the 10th Annual Leadership Awards Luncheon


Tribal Leader of the Year
To effectively lead a tribal nation, tribal leaders are tasked with the responsibility of making major financial decisions. This award honors a tribal leader who has displayed significant foresight and resolve in the financial advancement of his or her tribal nation. 

Executive of the Year
Financially healthy tribal nations have excellent staff at the helm. This award honors an Executive, Finance Director, Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, or other senior financial leader of a tribe or tribal subsidiary enterprise, who has demonstrated cutting-edge thinking in developing the financial plans of the tribe, leadership in effectively sharing suggestions with the tribe, and success in implementing ideas for the overall betterment of the tribe.

Education Program of the Year 
This award honors a creative and effective education program that furthers knowledge and understanding of business, economic development, or related fields. The award is open to programs developed by tribes, non-profits, universities, schools, and other institutions.  The program should enrich the lives of Native people and empower them to make sound financial decisions.

Deal of the Year 
This award recognizes a tribal deal or financial venture completed during 2016.  The deal should be original in structure and its terms should be innovative for the tribe. The deal should have a lasting positive effect on the overall economic status of the tribe and its members, and be beneficial to Indian Country as a whole.

Award Timeline:
Nomination Deadline: February 24, 2017
Award Winners Notified: March 10, 2017


For more information, please contact VaRene Martin at
9th Annual Leadership Awards Luncheon
Tribal Leader of the Year
Ernie Stensgar,
Vice Chairman, 
Coeur d'Alene Tribe
Executive of the Year
Holly Gagnon, 
CEO, Chumash Enterprises
Education Program of the Year
Kawi Cafe, Cherokee Nation
Deal of the Year
Navajo Nation: General Obligation Refunding Bonds Series 2015A (Tax-Exempt)
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