Fall Conference Features Sessions to Help Leaders in Financial Policy Decisions


Fall Conference Features Sessions to Help Leaders in Financial Policy Decisions

July 26, 2016

Having good financial management practices in place can enhance the economic health for a tribe. But did you know it can also help drive results and assist leaders in responsible fiscal policy decisions? Our Track 2: Financial Management sessions at the 2016 Fall Finance & Tribal Economies Conference, held September 19-20, are designed to instill best practices and articulate significant items that are essential for tribal governance and answer what policy decisions leadership can enact to ensure the tribe stays accountable to financial obligations and to its members.

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Featured Sessions:

Treasury Management & Cash Decision-Making

It is essential for every tribal government to effectively utilize their funds, and manage their exposure to risks. This session will guide leadership in answering how much cash is needed to fund the government, when and why? Speakers will also provide attendees with an understanding of the fundamentals of treasury operations and management processes. Starting with the cash conversion cycle, the session explores how cash flows in and out of a tribe and how liquidity levels can be managed. Topics include safety and efficiency in getting away from paper, payment systems, disbursements, risk management, and cash forecasting.                                                 

The General Welfare Exclusion Act: A Tax Free Alternative to Per Capita Payments

The Tribal General Welfare Exclusion Act (GWE) goes a long way in supporting tribal self-determination and sovereignty by granting flexibility for tribal leaders to provide appropriate programs and services to their citizens without taxation. The GWE recognizes that tribal governments determine need differently based on community need rather than financial. This session will provide information on how to design and implement new GWE programs to ensure that the benefits can be delivered on a tax-free basis.

The Role of Internal Controls in Preventing Bank Account Fraud

Protecting funds should be a high priority for all tribes. Having weak internal controls often provides the opportunity fraudsters need to perpetrate crimes. Prevention is the key to avoid losses from bank account fraud, and understanding the fundamentals of internal controls can be a powerful tool in preventing and detecting fraud at your tribe. Presenters will discuss best practices in internal controls, including conducting periodic audits, providing physical security of checks, signatures, and software, and requiring reconciliation of wire transfers and ACH releases. Also, learn how to implement fraud prevention tools such as positive pay, ACH and wire transfer filters, and reconciliation tools.                                                  

For conference details and information, please contact Katie Johnson at Katie@nafoa.org.

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