Final Deadline to Apply for Emergency Rental Assistance Program Tomorrow


Final Deadline to Apply for Emergency Rental Assistance Program Tomorrow

January 25, 2021

Tomorrow, January 26, 2021 is the last day for tribal governments and tribally designated housing entities (TDHEs) who have yet to apply for funds from the Emergency Rental Assistance Program to be eligible to receive funding. 

Eligible grantees must provide complete information to Treasury by 11:59 PM EST tomorrow. Information can be submitted here. If you have already submitted an application to the Treasury Department and received a confirmation email in return, no further action is required.  


The Emergency Rental Assistance Program makes $25 billion available directly to states, territories, local governments, and Indian tribes to assist households who are unable to pay rent and utility bills due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Of that amount, $800 million is set aside for tribal governments and TDHEs.

If a tribe or TDHE for that tribe does not elect to participate in the program by submitting an application, Treasury is required to reallocate the funds designated for that Indian tribe to Indian tribes who have elected to participate in the program. The law requires Treasury to make its determination as to which Indian tribes have declined funding as of January 26.

Alternatively, if a tribe is unable to submit an application by tomorrow, Treasury will permit the tribe or TDHE to preserve its ability to file an application after tomorrow by sending an email to and providing the full name of the tribe or TDHE, stating its intent to apply, and (if a TDHE) the full name of the tribes for which it is applying for funding. 

Before submitting an application or notice of intent to apply, tribes should check with their TDHE to determine if the TDHE has already applied. Please see Treasury's guidance regarding payments to tribes and TDHEs. For any other questions or concerns, please contact Ellie Beckett, Policy Communications Specialist, at 202-841-3373 or