General Welfare Exclusion Under Consideration in the House


General Welfare Exclusion Under Consideration in the House

September 4, 2014

Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA-22) sponsored legislation in this Congress titled the "General Welfare Exclusion Act," (GWE Act) [H.R. 3043] that may be headed to the Floor of the House of the Representatives. Congressman Nunes is interested in placing the GWE Act on the Suspension Calendar later this month. Currently, the GWE Act has 54 cosponsors but more bi-partisan support is needed since bills placed on Suspension require the approval of two-thirds of those voting to clear. Please reach out to your House Representative to ensure he or she is signed on as a supporter with Congressman Nunes' office. 

The GWE Act includes provisions that exempt tribal government programs, services, and benefits for tribal citizens, their spouses, and dependents from income under the Internal Revenue Code. While these programs and services are currently exempt [Internal Revenue Service, Rev. Proc. 2014-35], the Act also establishes a Tribal Advisory Committee and invokes a temporary suspension of audits for education and training of IRS examiners on the new provisions.


The Joint Committee on Taxation has scored H.R. 3043 to have a negligible effect on federal fiscal revenues. This is an important consideration given the restraint shown by Congress to pass any bills that may cost additional taxpayer revenue

For more information, please contact Kayla Gebeck, or (202) 770-8321.

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