Information to Help Your Tribe Make Important Decisions at NAFOA's 37th Annual Conference


Information to Help Your Tribe Make Important Decisions at NAFOA's 37th Annual Conference

February 12, 2019

Featured Breakout Sessions Assist Tribes in Making Important Decisions

Social Security Fairness Act: Key Considerations for Tribal Councils

The Social Security Fairness Act became law this past fall, providing tribal governments with parity and authorizing councils to participate in the national retirement scheme. To participate, the council simply needs to work through an agreement with the Commissioner of Social Security in a similar manner as state and local governments. Sounds great, but it may or may not be your best option. What are the alternatives to Social Security? Can tribal governments create a better plan internally? What about those council members who already have been contributing without understanding the rules? Join our panel to understand the law and your options as a government better. 

Preparing for the Next Government Shutdown

The federal government has shut down three times over the past five years with the most recent shutdown lasting over one month. The impacts of a shutdown are devastating for tribal governments, forcing many to scramble to continue mandatory services without funds for life-saving health care and other needed services. Beyond the member/citizen services, external relationships suffer as well, with debt obligations and payments to vendors stymied. The threat of future shutdowns is now something that is more likely to occur than not; meaning tribes need to build a future shutdown into their budgets, operational funds, and sinking funds for loans. Join our facilitated discussion to hear what some tribes are doing to prepare and manage this relatively new political risk. 

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