IRS Releases 2017 Work Plan for TE/GE Indian Tribal Gov't Committee


IRS Releases 2017 Work Plan for TE/GE Indian Tribal Gov't Committee

October 4, 2016

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released the 2017 Work Plan for the Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division (TE/GE), which includes the Indian Tribal Government (ITG) committee. The TE/GE is an organized public forum that allows the IRS and representatives to gain input from specific constituencies on issues impacting tribal, federal, state, and local governments. The ITG sub-committee provides important services to both Indian Country and to the IRS through research, identification of key issues unique to tribal governments, outreach and education assistance to tribal governments in understanding federal tax matters, and coordination with IRS divisions and oversight entities.

2017 ITG Work Plan Summary


  • Develop a training suite for IRS collection employees to learn and use when they are working with tribal entities or individual tribal members, in conjunction with ITG personnel.
  • Implement a new survey for both tribal leaders and business personnel.

Outreach and Education Strategy

  • Continue to develop an interactive web-based gaming tool to direct customers to proper form and reporting thresholds and update and redesign the Indian Tribal Government Employment Tax Guide.
  • Host multiple collaborative outreach sessions delivered jointly by ITG and tribal government officials. The sessions will cover current IRS-related issues and any new legislation and developments.
  • Tailor content to better meet tribal government needs and goals.

Compliance and Enforcement Strategy

  • Continue to roll out the compliance review program, in conjunction with Small Business Self Employed to convert Tip Rate Determination Agreement gaming agreements to the appropriate Gaming Industry Tip Compliance agreements.
  • Continue to monitor non-compliance issues for tribal governments on general employment taxes and information returns underreporting.

For questions or comments please contact Jennifer Parisien at  or (202) 558-8040. 


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