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Minneapolis Fed Launches Center for Indian Country Development

August 25, 2015

Center Forms New Leadership Council Comprised of Experts in Indian Country Affairs

The Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis launched the Center for Indian Country Development (CICD) this month. The CICD's mission is to help self-governing communities of Native Americans attain their economic goals. This mission is rooted in the Federal Reserve System's legislative responsibilities to understand and promote economic growth. The CICD will focus on initiatives such as legal infrastructure development, Indian Country access to capital, land issues, and education. The CICD will further act as a clearinghouse for a variety of economic development programs and related research. 

The CICD also announced the establishment of the CICD Leadership Council, who will advise and assist with on strategy and priorities. The Leadership Council includes NAFOA's Executive Director, Dante Desiderio, along with other selected members who will offer diverse perspectives on the economic and financial circumstances of Indian Country.

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About the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

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