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NACSA Currently Enrolling Students

December 15, 2016

Native American Career Success Academy
Enrollment is now open for the pilot phase of NAFOA's Native American Career Success Academy (NACSA), a free online curriculum open to students 18-24 years old. The coursework is designed to help Native American students become financially responsible adults and successful professionals. 
Course 1: Personal Finance (Time estimate for completion 3-5 hours)
This course introduces key concepts for financial responsibility, why it is important, and how wise decision-making can positively impact your present and future.
Course 2: Career Preparation. (Time estimate for completion 7-9 hours)
This course will help develop the skills and confidence required to present yourself as a professional at a job/internship and work-related events.
Course Information: NACSA_Course_Information_.pdf
Enrollment Information
Please share the following links with interested students.    
Gen-I Career Success Fellowship
As part of the Generation Indigenous movement, the Center for Native American Youth and (Gen-I) As part of the Generation Indigenous NAFOA have partnered to develop the Gen-I Career Success Fellowship. 
The fellowship is designed to create successful career pathways for Native American students through online skill-building, fostering leadership development, promoting local civic engagement, and facilitating direct connections with potential employers. 
Students who complete the online NACSA program will be eligible to apply for the Gen-I Career Success Fellowship Program. 
Gen-I Career Success Fellows will participate in a special leadership summit and student track of workshop sessions at NAFOA's 35th Annual Conference in San Francisco, April 23-24, 2017. 
Sponsorship Opportunities
Interested in sponsoring Gen-I Career Success Fellows? Click here to learn how you can support the next generation of Native leaders.
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