NAFOA Economic Policy Webinar


NAFOA Economic Policy Webinar

December 22, 2013

Date: Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Time: 2:00 p.m. (EST)

Register: Click here


NAFOA and its partners have made important strides to address the major policy issues impeding economic growth in Indian Country. NAFOA will be hosting a Webinar to discuss these critical economic issues and coordinate our efforts in 2014 to secure meaningful solutions. 

The NAFOA Policy Report provides an overview and update of three key policy initiatives that have the potential to move Indian Country forward. The Policy Report included will be used as a basis for the Webinar. The three key policy initiatives are as follows:  

  1.  Tax Policy - The important tax issues of General Welfare and Per Capita Distribution of Trust Assets are approaching a critical stage with Treasury and the IRS. There is also a Congressional push under way that is gaining momentum.
  2. Financial Management Policy - The Office of Management & Budget published sweeping changes to how all tribal governments and non-profits manage their grants and contracts. It also determines how tribal information will be disclosed to the public. 
  3. Access to Capital Policy - All tribes deserve to fully participate in federal programs to access capital. This is especially important for tribes just starting down the path of economic development. However, many federal programs have barriers within their regulations that prevent tribes from utilizing these programs.

The Webinar is expected to be an hour in duration. Additional details for the Webinar, including the call-in number and access code, will be provided to attendees after they register online. There will be an opportunity to ask questions during the Webinar via the Webinar control panel. NAFOA will do its utmost to answer all questions during the Webinar.

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