Policy Alert: Apply for Treasury Advisory Committee on Racial Equality


Policy Alert: Apply for Treasury Advisory Committee on Racial Equality

April 6, 2022

Yesterday via Federal Register, the Department of Treasury published a solicitation of nominations for membership to the Treasury Advisory Committee on Racial Equity (TACRE). Tribal Leaders and other qualified applicants are encouraged to apply until April 15, 2022.

The TACRE will be composed of up to 25 individuals and will provide assistance, intelligence, and recommendations to Treasury leadership on priority issues and topics at the intersection of economic policy and racial equity.

The Department anticipates topics of discussion within this forum will include, but not be limited to, financial inclusion, capital access, housing stability, federal government supplier diversity, tax policy, and economic development.

The Department would like membership to represent a wide range of views, including those within the financial services industry, state regulatory authorities, consumer and public advocacy organizations, community-based groups, academia, philanthropic organizations, as well as others focused on the advancement of racial equity priorities within the United States.

It is currently estimated that this committee will meet four times a year either virtually or in person. Committee meetings will also generally be open to the public. Applications should be submitted in sufficient time to be received by the close of business on the closing date and should be sent to: Equity@treasury.gov

Should you have any inquiries regarding TACRE, please review this webinar or email Equity@treasury.gov. ]