Policy Alert: Upcoming Consultations on Indian Business Incubators Program


Policy Alert: Upcoming Consultations on Indian Business Incubators Program

May 5, 2021

Next week, on May 12 and 13th, the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) will be holding tribal consultations on the Office of Indian Energy and Economic Development's (IEED) proposed regulation to implement the Native American Business Incubators Program Act. The Indian Business Incubators Program (IBIP) is a program in which IEED provides competitive grants to eligible applicants to establish and operate business incubators that serve tribal communities.

The regulation under consideration establishes: program eligibility, the application process, application evaluation criteria, awards disbursement, and program administration.

Both consultations will take place at 1:00pm EDT.

  • To register for the May 12 Consultation, click here.

  • To register for the May 13 Consultation, click here.

The deadline to submit written comments is June 14, 2021. They may be submitted through the Federal rulemaking portal, or emailed to consultation@bia.gov with the number 1076-AF63 in the subject line. 

To learn more about the program and proposed rule, please see the Federal Register Notice. For further information, contact Elizabeth Appel, Office of Regulatory Affairs & Collaborative Action, at elizabeth.appel@bia.gov or (202) 273-4680

For any other questions or concerns, please contact Will Stringer at will@nafoa.org or (202) 945-7750.