Support Tribe to Tribe Trade  this Holiday Season!


Support Tribe to Tribe Trade this Holiday Season!

November 7, 2016

Traditionally tribes exchanged agricultural produce and other products with their Indian neighbors. Tribes had strong dynamic tribal economies, based on the commerce of tribe to tribe trade. NAFOA encourages you to honor our past this holiday season by supporting this tradition and purchasing supplies and services for your enterprises and related entities. Member Tribe products consist of a wide variety of ventures that serve as an important source of tribal revenue and employment for their communities.

Member Tribe Products:

Able Card, LLC is a joint venture between the Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians and the Colusa Indian Community. The company manufactures over 1 million plastic cards a year that are used for custom gift cards with your logo for employees and clients. The company is also a leader in producing casino player cards, hotel keys, ATM cards, and security IDs. (626) 969-1888


Bedré Chocolates is owned by the Chickasaw Nation. The fine chocolate recipes reflect the time-honored tradition of the Native American peoples who first cultivated this divine delicacy. Over the last 16 years, Bedré has grown into a profitable chocolate-making corporation, producing delicious confections such as chocolate bars, crisps, clusters, meltaways, chocolate soda and coffee. (580) 369-4200



California Heritage Mills is owned by the Colusa Indian Community/Cachil Dehe Band of Wintun Indians. The tribe's arid climate, combined with rich soil and snow melting in the spring makes the region an optimum area for production of different varieties of high quality rice, walnuts, almonds, tomatoes, squash, alfalfa, and other crops. (530) 458-8231


Native Catch is owned by the Swinomish Indian Tribal Community and is the largest Native Amer­ican-owned canning facility in the United States. Fisherman and technicians have decades of sea­food industry experience and have invested over $17 million in the restoration and protection of natural resources. The company offers canned, fresh, and frozen salmon, dungeness crab, caviar, bacon varieties and jerky. (360) 466-1076


Ute Mountain Ute Pottery is an enterprise of the Ute Mountain Ute Tribe. Founded in 1970, Ute Mountain Pottery produces approximately 50,000 pieces a year, each of which is uniquely designed, painted, and signed by the hands of Native American artists. The enterprise has a showroom that is open to the public, offering a variety of pottery selections and other native art pieces, including music, drums, beadwork, sculpture, and similar items. (970) 565-8548



With more than thirty years of history, NAFOA has become a preeminent player in advancing the tribal economic agenda. In our mission to grow tribal economies by strengthening tribal finance, NAFOA provides advocacy, a wide variety of educational programs and resources designed to increase knowledge in tax, finance, and economic progress, improve internal policies, and build a network with which you can share experiences and expertise. For more information about membership, contact VaRene Martin at