Survey Released to Help Resolve Tribal Audit Issues


Survey Released to Help Resolve Tribal Audit Issues

August 13, 2018

In June, the GASB announced that it would form a Tribal Government Accounting Working Group (TGAWG) to explore solutions to tribal government financial reporting matters, including audit issues tribes face when reporting on a for-profit or FASB basis for their enterprises. 

To support this effort, NAFOA is surveying our community to gather information that will help educate the TGAWG members about the status of financial reporting by tribal entities. The survey will be kept confidential and neither you, nor your tribe will be identified in any materials shared with the GASB or the TGAWG. This survey will be an important instrument in guiding the first TGAWG meeting in October of 2018. 

The deadline for responding to this survey is Friday, September 14, 2018.

For questions or comments please contact Jennifer Parisien at or (202) 558-8040. 

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