Tribal economic leadership program

Tribal Economic Leadership Professional Development

The Tribal Economic Leadership (TEL) Program is an executive education program providing professional development training for tribal leaders, tribal government professional staff, tribal members, tribal students, and governments. TEL supports the long-term economic sustainability of tribal nations and governments through programs presented by NAFOA and the ASU American Indian Policy Institute (AIPI).

Tribal Financial Manager Certification

The Tribal Financial Manager Certification (TFMC) training is a three-day training, part of the Tribal Economic Leadership Program, held on the Arizona State University campus. The TFMC training provides intensive, hands-on professional development in grant management, indirect cost rates, and tribe-wide budgeting specific to tribal nations.

Attendees who complete the Tribal Financial Manager Certificate training will learn:

  • Principles of federal Indian law and its effect on tribal financial management
  • Government accounting standards and principles
  • Compliance with the OMB Uniform Guidance
  • Effects of federal, state, and tribal taxation on tribal financial management
  • Best practices for internal controls and procurement policies
  • Key tools for developing and managing budgets
  • Emerging financial issues in Indian Country

TFMC Program Dates

Program Fees:

  • $1,700 - NAFOA Member Tribe Price
  • $1,850 - Non-Member Price

Earn up to 20 CPE Credits


Leader-to-Leader: Tribal Economic Governance Seminar

The Leader-to-Leader (L2) program is a Tribal Economic Governance seminar with applied, intensive, and innovative training for elected and appointed tribal officials taught by experts and other tribal leaders. The seminar introduces major aspects of the uniqueness of tribal government finance and economic development, legal arena, and provides a broad overview of the fiscal responsibilities of leadership. L2L uses resources such as Arizona State University’s Decision Theater Network offering the latest expertise in collaborative, computing and display technologies for data visualization, modeling, and simulation.

Leaders who complete the L2L interactive seminar will learn:

  • Driving Economic Development: A Leader’s Guide to Federal Indian Law and Policy
  • Informed Decision-Making Through Sound Economic Development and Planning
  • Taxation and Business Structures for Tribal Governments
  • Overseeing the Financial Management of the Tribal Government and its Enterprises
  • Financing and the Ability to Borrow
  • Priority and Community-Based Budgeting

L2L Program Dates - Registration is now open

Earn up to 15 CPE Credits