Tax Compliance Issues: Independent Contractor or Employee?

Tax Compliance Issues: Independent Contractor or Employee?

November 1, 2017

9:00 AM - 10:30 AM 

Independent Contractor/Consultant and part-time employee can sound like they refer to the same thing: getting the job done - but in fact they both have a distinct difference that can't be interchanged. Knowing the difference between the two and when an independent contractor/consultant should be an employee, is the key to protecting your tribe from IRS tax penalties.


This webinar will help your tribe successfully prepare for the year-end:

  • Review of new Department of Labor guidelines on independent contractor agreements

  • Discussion on factors used to evaluate "right to control" and applying the "economic realities" test

  • Examination of lease agreements

  • Identifying other types of payments requiring a Form 1099

  • Guidance on maintaining records to prove due diligence was exercised

  • Advice on adjusting the tribe’s relationship with independent contractors who cannot be converted to full employees

  • Differences in social security and withholding rules for tribal council members, board members, and election committees


Presented by: 

Corrine Wilson
, CPA, Principal and Tal Moore, THRP, Principal, Organizational Development & HR Consulting Practice Leader of REDW