Tribal Business Structures Series: Part 2 - Alternatives to Section 17 Corporations

November 29, 2017

8:00 AM - 9:30 AM 

In the second webinar of this two-part series, we'll continue the conversation of why the selection of a business structure for your tribal corporation is important and how it will impact how tribal assets are protected and how tribal sovereignty is preserved. The webinar will discuss alternatives to Section 17 corporations with time reserved for questions and answers.

Presented by Kathleen M. Nilles, Partner, Holland & Knight


Many tribes have utilized other business entity structures in place of or in addition to federally chartered corporations.   For federal tax reasons, the preferred alternatives include tribally chartered corporation and limited liability companies (LLCs) organized under tribal or state law.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The various steps to organizing  corporations and LLCs under tribal law

  • Why some tribes prefer to organize LLCs under state law 

  • Disadvantages of organizing LLCs and corporations under state law

  • Current federal tax treatment and implications of the current IRS regulatory review

  • Key elements of the integral part test—including governance control and financial commitment.  

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