Building Career Opportunities for Native American Youth

As part of the Generation Indigenous (Gen-I) movement, the Center for Native American Youth (CNAY) and NAFOA have partnered to create the Gen-I Career Success Fellowship program.

CNAY has connected the growing Gen-I National Native Youth Network—now over 4,000 strong—with NAFOA’s network of leaders in finance, business, and tribal economic development to expand career opportunities for Native youth through online skill-building, leadership development, and direct connections with employers.

Recognizing that business and finance can solve problems and improve society, the fellowship program is designed to broaden career interest in professions that will advance tribal economic development.

The Gen-I Career Success Fellowship program encourages and supports Native American youth who are highly motivated to pursue a career path that will advance tribal economies.

Gen-I Career Success Fellows Will

Develop Career and Financial Literacy Skills

Fellows will enroll in NAFOA’s Native American Career Success Academy, an online professional development curriculum for Native youth. The curriculum consists of two modules: Career Preparation and Personal Finance. The coursework is designed to help Native youth develop the skill set and confidence required to become financially responsible young adults and successful young professionals.

Completion of the NACSA curriculum is required to be eligible for the fellowship program.

Meet our 2018 Fellows!


Complete the Gen-I Career Leadership Summit

Fellows will expand their professional contacts by attending Gen-I and NAFOA networking events, luncheons, track sessions, and off-site visits. Preceding NAFOA’s 36th Annual Conference in New Orleans, fellows from across the country will participate in seminars led by top executives, managers, and tribal leaders who will help them advance their new skill set and prepare them for the job market. Fellows will also learn about innovative tribal enterprises and the unique products being created in Indian Country.

Connect Directly with Employers at NAFOA’s Annual Conference

Fellows will attend a national conference that facilitates dialogue between tribes, federal partners, non-profits, and professionals regarding tribal finance and economic issues.

Opportunity Circle


Become a foundational supporter of the online and conference opportunities for the entire class of 2018 fellows and help sustain the ongoing career development of Native American youth.

President's Circle


Support the online and conference opportunities for five fellows.

Executive Circle


Support the online and conference opportunities for two fellows.

Fellow Supporter


Provide a scholarship for an individual fellow.

Program Supporter


Support the Gen-I Career Success Fellowship Program and help sustain the ongoing career development of talented Native American youth.

Donors will be acknowledged in NAFOA’s conference marketing materials, and on the NAFOA website. For more information about supporting the fellowship program, please contact Cody Harjo at


The Center for Native American Youth, founded by former US Senator Byron Dorgan, is a national policy advocacy organization based in DC. We believe all Native American youth should strong full and healthy lives, have equal access to opportunity, and draw strength from their culture and one another. Our mission is to improve the health, safety, and overall well-being of Native American youth through communication, policy development and advocacy. We have led more than 140 meetings with youth on the ground in 23 states to learn about diverse priorities and successes – including health, education, career readiness, and more. We also maintain the Gen-I National Native Youth Network, comprised of over 4,000 Native youth who have committed to creating positive change in their tribal communities across the country.


Through its work in growing tribal economies and strengthening tribal finance NAFOA supports the advancement of independent and culturally vibrant American Indian and Alaska Native communities. NAFOA launched over three decades ago as the Native American Finance Officers Association to highlight the role of tribal finance in fostering economic opportunities. Since that time, NAFOA has grown along with tribal economies.

Today NAFOA advocates sound economic and fiscal policy, develops innovative training programs in financial management, builds the financial and economic skills of the next generation, and convenes tribal leadership, experienced professionals, and economic partners to meet the challenges of economic growth and change.

For more information about the Gen-I Sponsorship, please contact Cody Harjo at