Payroll Specialist

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Job Responsibilities

  • Process Payroll termination paperwork and issues final and on-demand payroll checks.
  • Prepares and balances tip information and performs final input into computer for payroll checks.
  • Completes biweekly labor-distribution reports.
  • Prepares and/or completes employee wage verifications requests, paycheck stub and employee-related information requests.
  • Prepares and makes payments via EFTPS and State tax online systems for payroll taxes.
  • Processes and inputs TM direct deposit application information.
  • Payroll check income and deduction research and preparation for Uniforms, Name Badges, Masks, ID Cards, Payroll adjustments, Bus passes, etc.
  • Process all WFM Time and Attendance transactions for hourly and salary biweekly paycheck processing.
  • Monthly vacation accrual processing from file extraction to data input
  • Prepare, assemble and issue biweekly payroll checks
  • WFM Time/Attendance maintenance/hours processing & transfer
  • WFM software training for new timekeepers
  • Perform other related duties as assigned by the Corporate Payroll Manager or Payroll Administrator in the corporate offices
  • Benefits processing & Loa processing/tracking and working collaboratively with Human Resources
  • Child support orders – receive/notify/data entry
  • Upload monthly on-line reporting information to US Department of Labor – Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • Queries – develop and maintain query program to screen for potential concerns/errors.
  • Other Duties as necessary

To perform this job successfully, TM must be able to perform his/her job responsibilities with extreme accuracy. Little or no mistakes, oversights or errors can be tolerated in this department. A large part of any Payroll Department TM responsibility is to ensure accurate and precise payroll checks are delivered, timely.

Reasoning Ability

  • TM will need to be able recognize and solve problems concerning payroll and be proactive at suggesting solutions to potential or existing problems. Trouble shooting and problem solving are necessary skills to deal with matters or situations involving all payroll-related issues. TM must have the ability to apply common sense to everyday circumstances.

Computer Skills

  • Proficient computer knowledge; Experience with computer programs Microsoft Excel, Word and Outlook. TM must have the ability to learn computer software programs for success in this position. AS400 Infimum & query reporting experience are preferred.

Supervisor Responsibilities

  • Accomplishes department objectives by supervising Payroll Administrator and organizing and monitoring work and work processes.

Certificates and Licenses

  • Colorado Gaming License

Starting at:  $45,000 - $50,000

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