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Arledge & Associates, P.C.

Many people view an accountant like a historian, as someone to handle last year’s taxes or conduct an audit. That’s not our approach at Arledge and Associates. Our team of professionals apply experience and expertise to utilize the past as a tool to look forward. We take a hands-on approach to client service, anticipating issues and identifying opportunities to maximize return for our clients. A dynamic group of professionals with a proven reputation for honesty, integrity and excellence in its work, our firm is made up of best-in-class accountants and business consultants. Since 1983, Arledge and Associates has provided tribal governments, individuals, businesses, government entities and non-profit organizations with tax, accounting and auditing services they can depend on. It’s what we’ve always done and what we’ll always continue to do.


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  1. 40th Annual Conference

  2. 2021 Fall Finance & Tribal Economies Conference

  3. Virtual 39th Annual Conference