Blue Arrow CPA

Blue Arrow CPA

Blue Arrow CPAs is a majority-owned Native American CPA firm which possesses over two decades of

experience providing auditing and accounting services to Tribal Enterprises and Tribal Schools, Native

American Housing Authorities, Native American Governmental Bodies, Partnership Entities, and small

businesses. The firm is the result of a direct effort of professionals, who consolidated their experience and resources in order to provide a broader range of high-quality services to their clients. The firm encourages its members to participate in community activities, to round out our involvement in our profession and community.

The members of the firm have accumulated over four decades of experience in public auditing and

accounting; primarily with international certified public auditing firms while employed in high-level

supervisory positions. Individually, the principals and management staff are recognized in their respective areas for leadership promoting the ideals of the auditing profession to provide the highest quality services.


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Name:Adi Harshwal, Principal


Name:Rohini Raghavendra , Administrator


Blue Arrow CPA's history as a Sponsor with NAFOA

  1. 2021 Fall Finance & Tribal Economies Conference

  2. Virtual 39th Annual Conference