Headquartered in Cleveland, OH with roots that trace back 190 years to Albany, NY, KeyCorp is one of the nation’s largest bank-based financial services companies, with assets of approximately $171 billion.

Key also has Native American Financial Services offices in Bellevue, WA, led by National Executive, Mike Lettig. For more than 60 years, KeyBank has served over 70 Tribes and Tribal Enterprises from coast to coast. As one of the first financial institutions to create dedicated teams serving this market, Key has a deep understanding of the complexities each Nation faces. We take the time to know you, the unique cultural characteristics of your Tribe, and what matters most.

Leading a team of experts, your KeyBank Relationship Manager will deliver relevant, tailored solutions that bring your Tribe’s financial objectives to life. Whether expanding infrastructure, leveraging renewable energy, developing natural resources or cultivating agribusiness, we can help.


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Name:Mike Lettig, National Executive, Native American Financial Services


Name:Ryan Bumrungkittikul , Director, Native American Financial Services


KeyCorp/KeyBank's history as a Sponsor with NAFOA

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