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For more than 25 years, REDW has served the needs of more Native American Tribes and tribal enterprises than any other accounting firm in the United States.

We currently assist more than 200 tribal governments, healthcare facilities, gaming operations and other enterprises. They trust our deep understanding of the unique rules and management strategies that apply to many aspects of their operations. These organizations are benefitting from our long experience, technical expertise and perspective, as well as our respect for tribal sovereignty, culture and the intricacies of tribal government.

Audit and Compliance
REDW understands you need solid systems for accounting, financial reporting, internal controls and other basic financial support systems. Our quality audits reflect our keen understanding of both the latest federal or other applicable compliance guidelines and your requirement for internal controls and accountability to strengthen your government and community.

We work with you to connect our audit findings back to your business by helping you to identify revenue opportunities and cost-saving strategies. Our collaborative approach in working with your accounting team can also help to enhance their financial management skills and provide open, honest communication to those charged with governance regarding audit results and recommendations.

Casino Gaming
We know tribal gaming involves complex legal and operational issues requiring expert management skills. We’ve worked with tribal gaming clients since the inception of the industry and our seasoned guidance can help you develop strong internal controls and accounting systems.

In addition to audit and compliance, we have worked with casinos to: develop and/or implement policies and procedures that comply with NIGC Minimum Internal Control Standards; negotiate management contracts and state compacts; and establish tribal gaming commissions. We also understand that tribal gaming enterprises face unique tax reporting requirements and we provide the guidance and tax reporting assistance you need.

Our gaming business experts literally helped to write the book on tribal gaming audit and accounting. As members of the AICPA’s Gaming Task Force, we provided content and technical expertise to produce the latest AICPA Gaming Audit & Accounting Guide, the first major rewrite in more than 30 years. In short: We are an ideal partner for your tribal gaming operation!

Much More Than Compliance
We know your top priority is delivering cost-effective services to your members by improving your governance capabilities and increasing revenue streams. Our commitment to help you reach your goals encompasses many additional services:

Accounting Software Implementation and Training – When maintained and secure, the right software helps manage essential financial data and other key business information. Our Business Software Solutions Team can implement the software, train your staff and provide ongoing support as needed. Financial Training – Timely, relevant training helps to ensure the Tribe’s long-term financial wellbeing. Training also increases employees’ morale and job satisfaction by sharpening their technical skills and knowledge – a smart way to improve productivity and reduce turnover. Our experienced team offers flexible, onsite training options for both tribal financial professionals and Tribal leaders.

Self-Governance/Self-Determination – Whether your Tribe has already transitioned or you’re planning to transition to self-governance, REDW can be your strategic partner. We will help you plan, coordinate and implement the transition, and we’ll deliver the highest quality services tailored to meet your organizational structure, business enterprises and respective financial objectives.

Retirement Plan Services – REDW’s Employee Benefits Specialists are nationally recognized for their expertise in retirement plan recordkeeping and plan design consulting services. We’re among the relatively few firms in the region with these special skills.

Per Capita Plan Services – We can help you administer the payments and provide recordkeeping and investment services for both minor and adult trusts. We can also advise on both structuring the trusts and appropriate investment vehicles for each type of per capita plan.

Investment Management Services – REDW Stanley’s experienced team of wealth advisors can design and manage an investment portfolio to help protect your Tribe’s economic strength and stability for future generations. Strategic Planning – Our professionals team up with tribal governments and related organizations—of all sizes—working closely with their executives and governing bodies to create strategic plans, map both organizational change and cultural shifts, and prepare reports. Afterward, we can stay with you to ensure you achieve your objectives.

Additional Tribal Services – We can also help with special needs, including: audit preparation/accounting services; compensation studies; organizational assessments; indirect cost proposals; human resources management; policy and procedures manuals; and tax services unique to Tribes. Total Commitment Our commitment to Native America goes well beyond the quality accounting and business services we offer. Through a variety of programs, we are dedicated to advancing the financial management knowledge and capabilities of tribal leaders, employees and members.

REDW hosts several major conferences each year featuring industry thought leaders. These events provide information on the important issues affecting tribal governments and businesses and the opportunity to meet with our tribal accounting, financial and legal experts.

We actively recruit and hire Native American accounting students at major universities in the Southwestern U.S. To encourage bright Native American students to pursue accounting careers, we offer university scholarships that can greatly ease the financial burden.

REDW supports the talents of Native American artists in meaningful ways. For example, we often contract the work of local artisans or dancers for our tribal conferences. In addition, artists frequently visit our offices for a “show and sell” that directly benefits the economy of tribal members in the region.

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