For over 30 years, REDW has specialized in providing accounting services to more Native American Tribes and tribal enterprises than any other firm in the United States. 
We presently assist more than 200 tribal governments, healthcare facilities, gaming operations, and enterprises. They trust our deep knowledge of the unique rules and management strategies that apply to their organizations and benefit from our technical expertise and respect for culture and tribal sovereignty.

Several of our senior staff are members of organizations dedicated to advancing economic development, health and education for Tribes, and have or currently serve in leadership roles with NAFOA, the National Native American Human Resources Association, and the National Indian Gaming Association.

Our commitment to Tribes goes well beyond the quality accounting and business services we offer. Through a variety of programs, we are dedicated to advancing the financial management knowledge and capabilities of tribal leaders, employees, and members.


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Name:Corrine Wilson, Principal, National Tribal Practice Leader


Name:Wes Benally , Senior Manager


REDW LLC's history as a Sponsor with NAFOA

  1. 2021 Fall Finance & Tribal Economies Conference

  2. Virtual 39th Annual Conference

  3. Virtual 2020 Fall Conference

  4. 38th Annual (Virtual) Conference

  5. 2019 Fall Finance & Tribal Economies Conference

  6. 37th Annual Conference

  7. 2018 Fall Finance & Tribal Economies Conference

  8. 36th Annual Conference

  9. 2017 Fall Finance & Tribal Economies Conference

  10. 35th Annual Conference

  11. 2016 Fall Finance & Tribal Economies Conference

  12. Thirty-Fourth Annual Conference

  13. NAFOA's 2015 Fall Finance & Tribal Economies Conference

  14. Thirty-Third Annual Conference