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Wipfli LLP is a national firm, founded in 1930. The firm JOSEPH EVE merged with Wipfli in 2017, now leading the Tribal industry focus within Wipfli, and continues to specialize in providing quality audit and consulting services to Tribal Organizations. 

With more than 2,400 associates and 50 offices — plus more than 100,000 clients — Wipfli ranks among the top 20 accounting and business consulting firms in the nation. Helping firms achieve their goals takes imagination, discipline and a process that delivers results today while anticipating tomorrow's demands. That's Wipfli.

We believe the consulting firm you enlist to support your goals should have the same passion and focus as you do. Work with a firm dedicated to your people, your growth and your prosperity. For over 30 years, Wipfli has empowered tribes to obtain their target results while best serving their members.



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Name:Grant Eve, Partner, Tribal Gaming Services Leader



Name:Joseph Eve , Partner, Tribal Services National Practice Leader



Wipfli LLP's history as a Sponsor with NAFOA

  1. 40th Annual Conference

  2. 2021 Fall Finance & Tribal Economies Conference

  3. Virtual 39th Annual Conference

  4. Virtual 2020 Fall Conference

  5. 38th Annual (Virtual) Conference

  6. 2019 Fall Finance & Tribal Economies Conference

  7. 37th Annual Conference

  8. 2018 Fall Finance & Tribal Economies Conference

  9. 36th Annual Conference