Policy Advocacy

Our Advocacy Efforts

Government Relations

NAFOA aims to cultivate a strong relationships with the federal government. We are committed to maintaining communication among the Administration, Congress, and Indian Country in order to best serve the needs of tribal communities.

NAFOA also serves as the technical advisor to the Treasury Tribal Advisory Committee.

Economic Opportunities

Economic development is the key to the future success of tribal nations and communities. NAFOA is dedicated to keeping Indian Country up to date on any opportunities for both tribal governments and their citizens.

Financial Management

Tribal governments have unique funding resources and reporting requirements for federal awards carried out through grants, cost reimbursement contracts, and other agreements with state and local governments. NAFOA aims to keep Indian Country up-to-date on banking, grant management, and financial reporting frameworks (GASB, FASB, and FASAB).

Capital and Asset Management

One of the largest obstacles in building tribal economies is difficulty in accessing capital, particularly cost-effective capital programs crucial to initial and sustained economic development. As tribal assets grow, effective management can also present challenges. NAFOA works to ensure tribal assets are well-managed for the next generation.

Tribal Governance

NAFOA supports tribes in advocating for policies and sharing practices that support the well-being of tribal nations. We work closely with tribal leaders, tribal organizations, as well as the federal government to support tribal governance and sovereignty.

Events and Webinars

See all past and future conferences, consultations, webinars, and other policy related events hosted by NAFOA.

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