Financial Reporting and Information Guide for Tribal Governments and Enterprises


The Financial Reporting and Information Guide for Tribal Governments and Enterprises (Orange Book) addresses the complex economic activity and related entity differences of tribal settings. It also presents an overview of the financial reporting framework in a tribal setting. The Orange Book includes ten chapters covering the unique operating environment of tribal governments from financial reporting with business activities to fiduciary activities to federal tax and information reporting. The Orange Book was informally reviewed by accounting standard setters and includes sample tribal financial statements.

The cost of this book is an allowable charge to your federal grants and subgrants. The cost principles issued by OMB under its uniform guidance (and applicable to all types of awardees) state, “The cost of training and education for employee development is allowable” (2 CFR 200.472).

ISBN-13: 978-0-692-05643-1

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Glossary of Indian Tribal Finance Terminology


Discussions about borrowing can be confusing. Bankers, lawyers and other industry professionals use terminology that is widely understood within the business but which is not a part of everyday conversation. If you have ever picked up a credit agreement or tried to evaluate a financing proposal, you may have felt like you needed an interpreter. Written by Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, this glossary is intended as a handy reference guide for tribal leaders, finance officers, and for those who work closely with them. The guide includes general terminology specific to tribal government financing.