GASB Lease Accounting Changes: Is Your Tribe Ready?

July 18, 2018

Tribal governments that are both a lessee and a lessor for land, facilities, equipment and slot machines will see significant changes in accounting starting in December of 2019. The GASB Statement 87 is based on the foundational principle that all leases are essentially financings of the ...

Tax Reform’s New Incentives: Opportunity Zone Provisions for Indian Country

February 15, 2018

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act included a tax incentive, known as Opportunity Zones that if taken advantage of and acted upon quickly could prove beneficial for Indian County. This new community development program encourages long-term investments in low-income communities by allowing investors to re-...

Tribal Business Structures: Alternatives to Section 17 Federal Law Corporations

November 29, 2017

In the second webinar of this two-part series, we continue the conversation of why the selection of a business structure for your tribal corporation is important and how it will impact how tribal assets are protected and how tribal sovereignty is preserved. The webinar discusses alternatives to S...

Tribal Business Structures: Section 17 Federal Law Corporations

November 15, 2017

In this webinar, we discuss why choosing a business structure is important to tribal economic development, with a focus on Section 17-Federal Law Corporations and why they may or may not be a good vehicle for your tribe. You will learn: the various steps to securing a federal charter from the Dep...

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Tax Compliance Issues: Independent Contractors vs. Employee

November 1, 2017

This webinar discusses the differences between "independent contractor/consultant" and "part-time employee." Topics included are:  What classifications of workers are permitted under the IRS Rules, what the common law rule is and how it's used to determine worker status, advice on adjusting the t...

Closing Out Federal Grants

August 16, 2017

In this webinar, we discuss the grant close out process. This includes: preparing in the final months of participation, suggested timelines, considerations in personnel responsibilities, no-cost extensions, fulfilling match responsibilities, and a closeout checklist and process.

GASB Statement No. 84 - New Fiduciary Activities

July 26, 2017

The Governmental Accounting Standards Board recently released Statement No. 84 Fiduciary Activities that will impact the financial reporting of minor’s trust funds and tribally-sponsored retirement plans. The pronouncement changes the definition of fiduciary funds, which fiduciary activities to i...

Department of Labor Overtime Rule

June 14, 2016

In this webinar about the Department of Labor Overtime rule, the presenters discuss the different options governments have for complying with the rule. Subjects included are: raising salaries, overtime pay, evaluating and realigning employee workload, and utilizing comp time.  

OMB Uniform Guidance Internal Controls

February 11, 2015

The OMB Super Circular highlighted the importance of the internal control requirement in meeting the guidance's goal of minimizing fraud, waste, and abuse. This webinar supports tribal governments' ability to manage more effectively and efficiently by developing a plan for monitoring spending and...

OMB Uniform Guidance Indirect Costs

January 15, 2015

Tribal governments offer a variety of services to their communities. Measuring the cost of these services can be useful in calculating the indirect cost rate. This webinar highlights changes to indirect cost rates in the new OMB Super Circular, which makes clear that a tribal government's indirec...

OMB Uniform Guidance Overview

January 15, 2015

This webinar provides an overview of changes in the OMB Uniform Guidance, with a focus on tribal-specific provisions.

OMB Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards

November 20, 2014

With increased pressure on the federal government to make purchasing more accountable, there is a growing importance to have solid purchasing processes in place in tribal governments. This webinar highlights provisions in the OMB Super Circular, now containing five different selection methods for...

Financial Reporting and Information Guide for Tribal Governments and Enterprises


The Financial Reporting and Information Guide for Tribal Governments and Enterprises (Orange Book) addresses the complex economic activity and related entity differences of tribal settings. It also presents an overview of the financial reporting framework in a tribal setting. The Orange Book incl...

Glossary of Indian Tribal Finance Terminology


Discussions about borrowing can be confusing. Bankers, lawyers and other industry professionals use terminology that is widely understood within the business but which is not a part of everyday conversation. If you have ever picked up a credit agreement or tried to evaluate a financing proposal, ...