OMB Uniform Guidance Overview

January 15, 2015

This webinar provides an overview of changes in the OMB Uniform Guidance, with a focus on tribal-specific provisions.

OMB Uniform Guidance Procurement Standards

November 20, 2014

With increased pressure on the federal government to make purchasing more accountable, there is a growing importance to have solid purchasing processes in place in tribal governments. This webinar highlights provisions in the OMB Super Circular, now containing five different selection methods for...

Reservation "Capitalism": Economic Development in Indian Country


Reservation "Capitalism": Economic Development in Indian Country, describes present-day circumstances in Indian Country and sketches the potential future of Indian communities and economics. It provides key background information on indigenous economic systems and property-rights. Robert J. Mille...

Tribal Broadband Guide


The Tribal Broadband Guide: Telecommunications Regulation and Taxation in Indian Country, provides an in-depth discussion of the key tax issues involving the telecom industry, and examines how these issues relate to Indian tribes and tribal lands. The book serves as an excellent guide to tribes a...

Tribal Business Structure Handbook (2009 ed.)


A comprehensive resource on the formation of tribal business entities. Hailed in Indian Country Today as offering "one-stop knowledge on business structuring," the Handbook reviews each type of tribal business entity from the perspective of sovereign immunity and legal liability, corporate format...

Glossary of Indian Tribal Finance Terminology


Discussions about borrowing can be confusing. Bankers, lawyers and other industry professionals use terminology that is widely understood within the business but which is not a part of everyday conversation. If you have ever picked up a credit agreement or tried to evaluate a financing proposal, ...

Financial Reporting and Information Guide for Tribal Governments and Enterprises


The Financial Reporting and Information Guide for Tribal Governments and Enterprises (Orange Book) addresses the complex economic activity and related entity differences and presents an overview of the financial reporting framework in a tribal setting. The Orange Book includes ten chapters coveri...