Poarch Band of Creek Indians

Poarch Band of Creek Indians



5811 Jack Springs Road
Atmore, Alabama 36502
Website: www.poarchcreekindians.org


Stephanie A. Bryan, Tribal Chair, 2018-2021


The Poarch Band of Creek Indians ratified its constitution in 1986 establishing a bipartite, democratic government consisting of legislative and judicial branches under the authority of the General Council, which includes all tribal members above age 18. The General Council elects tribal officers, retains the powers of initiative and referendum, and approves tribal ordinances passed by the Tribal Council. Legislative authority is vested in the democratically elected Tribal Council comprising a tribal chair, vice-chair, treasurer, secretary, and five council members. The tribal chair oversees the Tribal Council, retains executive powers of the tribe, and acts as CEO of tribally-owned enterprises. Judicial authority is vested in three courts: a Supreme Court, a Tribal Court of General Jurisdiction, and a Drug Court. The Supreme Court consists of a chief justice and two associate justices who serve staggered three-year terms. Both the Tribal Court and Drug Court each have a single judge who serve for a three-year term. All judges are appointed by the Tribal Council.

Congressional House Representation

Congressional House Representation:

Bradley Byrne, Republican, District 1, 2018-2020

Congressional Senate Representation

Congressional Senate Representation:

Richard Shelby, Republican, 2016-2022

Doug Jones, Democrat, 2018-2020

Tribal Enterprises



The Poarch Band of Creek Indians owns enterprises in agriculture, aerospace and defense, hospitality, and gaming. Creek Indian Enterprises Development Authority is the non-gaming economic engine for the tribe, overseeing three travel plazas, one hotel, a wildlife reserve, farming and cattle operations, and the tribe’s aerospace technology company.


Muskogee Technology: Muskogee Technology is an award-winning aerospace manufacturing company that offers government and commercial products and services. The company has appeared at the Farnborough Air Show in England and at the Paris Air Show.

Phone: (251) 368-0818

Wind Creek Hospitality: Wind Creek Hospitality is the gaming and hospitality arm of the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. The company operates six properties in Alabama and Florida, including two hotel and casino properties, two casinos, and two greyhound race tracks, as well as the Good to Go food truck.

Perdido River Farms (PRF): PRF oversees tribal property dedicated to agricultural practices and manages a commercial cattle operation. The company controls 2,200 acres of land, including an orchard, croplands, and cattle pastures.

Phone: (251) 368-0826


The Creek Indians originate from the southeastern United States and speak Muscogee, a Muscogean language. Unlike the majority of the Creek Nation and other southeastern tribes removed via the Trail of Tears in the first half of the nineteenth century, the Poarch Band of Creek Indians remained in the Creek homeland living on a reservation in Poarch, Alabama. Recognized by the United States in 1984, it is the only federally recognized Indian tribe in the State of Alabama. The Poarch Band of Creek Indians strengthens cultural ties with their Creek past through a variety of programs open to tribal members; options range from clubs such as  the Pow Wow Club and community stickball games, to classes on Creek basketry, finger-weaving, and shell carving. The tribe’s Cultural Department also offers programs designed to educate the communities of greater Alabama, including partnerships with local museums to showcase Creek cultural exhibits and the tribal museum and gift shop. The tribe hosts an annual Sovereignty Celebration in September and an annual Thanksgiving Pow Wow.