Seminole Nation of Oklahoma

Seminole Nation of Oklahoma



P O Box 1498
Wewoka, Oklahoma 74884


Greg Chilcoat, Chief (2018-2022)


The constitution of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma was adopted in 1969 and established a tripartite representative government. Legislative authority is vested in the general council, which consists of two representatives for each of the 14 bands of the nation who are elected to four-year terms.  The general council retains the power to borrow money, establish economic organizations, and authorize the use of public finances; it has full authority over the sale, lease, disposition, and encumbrance of tribal lands, interests in land, and communal resources of the nation. Executive authority is vested in a chief and assistant chief, who are elected to four-year terms. The chief presides over all general council meetings, appoints delegates and representatives of the nation, and only votes at council meetings in the case of a tie. Judicial authority is vested in a supreme court and district court; all judges and justices are nominated by the chief and confirmed by the general council.

Congressional House Representation

Congressional House Representation:

Kendra Horn, Democrat, District 5, 2018-2020


Congressional Senate Representation

Congressional Senate Representation:

Jim Inhofe, Republican, 2014-2020

James Lankford, Republican, 2016-2022


Tribal Enterprises



The Seminole Nation operates a number of businesses that contribute to the tribal economy. The net profits from these businesses are redistributed to tribal programs and to the Seminole Nation Department of Commerce for operational funds.


Seminole Nation Vineyard and Winery encompasses over 50 acres of vineyards at the historic Grisso Mansion. The property currently produces 12 wines and holds a self-distribution license to market the wines at casinos, restaurants, and liquor stores. The property also produces private labels available for private events.
Phone: (405) 683-1632

The Grisso Mansion is a 26-room property on the National Register of Historic Places that offers tours and summer pool rentals. The property also serves as a venue for weddings, parties, reunions, and other private or corporate events.
Phone: (406) 683-2031

Seminole Nation Gaming Enterprise operates the Seminole Nation Casino, Rivermist Casino, and Wewoka Trading Post. Together, the three properties have over 900 gaming options.
Phone: (405) 217-0176


The Seminole people originate from the southeastern United States and speak Muscogee, a Muskhogean language. Indigenous groups in Florida first encountered Europeans with the arrival of the Spanish in the late sixteenth century. Three basic language groups – Timuquan, Calusan, and Muskhogean – dominated the Florida peninsula when Europeans first arrived. The Seminole at first constituted only the Muskhogean-speaking groups of Florida, but as European colonial governments pressured indigenous groups in the peninsula, the Seminole adopted remnants of other Florida tribes into their nation. After the United States acquired Florida from Spain in 1819, the Seminole increasingly faced the devastating colonization of their lands already experienced by other southeastern tribes. By the mid-eighteenth century, the Seminole were forced to relocate to present-day Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, the Seminole people maintained their culture, language, and ceremonies despite American attempts to assimilate Native Americans in the twentieth century. The Seminole Nation promotes language revitalization through the Semvnole Etvlwv En Fulletv Em Vyposkv (SEFV [The Seminole Nation Cultural Resources Department]), an immersion school that works closely with 12 communities and approximately 1,500 Seminole children. The nation also hosts Seminole Nation Days, a celebration of Seminole culture and heritage, every September.