Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Dorsey houses one of the most comprehensive Indian law practices in the United States. For over 30 years Dorsey has provided services to Indian and Alaska Native tribal governments across the country, and to other clients doing business with Indian tribes. Dorsey Indian and Alaska Native attorneys include tribal and non-tribal members counseling and representing Indian and Alaska Native tribal governments, their revenue raising entities, ANCSA corporations, and others in all types of legal matters. Among other areas, Dorsey has specific experience assisting tribes in developing their legal infrastructure, including the drafting and revision of tribal resolutions, ordinances, policies, and more. Dorsey also represents both Indian tribes and creditors (including lenders, underwriters and other creditors) in connection with the financing of tribal governmental projects, land acquisition, health care facilities, and other economic development facilities. We proudly acted as bond counsel on the first tribal tax-exempt bond issue in the U.S.



Sponsorship History with NAFOA

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