FS Advisors, Inc.

As a Native American majority owned firm, our team of professionals has years of experience working with tribal governments and enterprises. Our knowledge of how tribes are structured as well as how they operate allows us to provide you with the expertise required to meet your ever changing financial needs. FSA TPA: Specializes in the design, enrollment, communication and administration of all types of tribal member benefit programs designed for benefits specific to the General Welfare Exclusion Act. FSA Investment Group: Financial consulting services include project development, financing package development, business plan development, financial projection development, budget development, and securing financing. FSA assists in a fiduciary capacity in determining investment management strategies and advising on over $400 million of assets. FSA Risk and Benefits: Provides risk management and employee benefit services by acting as an outsourced risk manager, property and casualty broker, and providing employee benefit consulting and broker services.



Sponsorship History with NAFOA

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