NAFOA Initiates Search for New Executive Director to Lead Tribal Economic Advancement


WASHINGTON, DC—NAFOA, founded as the Native American Finance Officer’s Association, is initiating its search for a permanent executive director. This leadership position will be pivotal in advancing NAFOA’s mission of strengthening tribal finance and growing tribal economies.

Since May this year, former Yurok Tribe Chair Susan Masten has served as the organization’s Interim Director. Her years of leadership experience and working knowledge of Indian Country have been a valuable asset during this period of transition within the organization.

The incoming Executive Director will lead NAFOA’s initiatives, working collaboratively with tribal leadership, financial professionals, and federal partners to meet the challenges of economic growth and change in Indian Country. They will serve as chief executive officer of the organization, and will be responsible for overseeing the administration, programs, and strategic plan of NAFOA, as summarized below:

    • Board Governance: Responsible for leading NAFOA in alignment with its mission and ensuring effective communication, as well as safeguarding fiscal integrity by proposing annual budgets and maintaining financial viability through resource management and fundraising efforts;
    • Organization Mission and Strategy: Responsible for executing NAFOA’s programs, strategic planning for long-term mission fulfillment, and enhancing visibility through engagement with various stakeholders;
    • Organization Operations: Responsible for overseeing NAFOA’s operations, managing staff recruitment and retention, and serving as the signatory authority for all organizational agreements and documents.

NAFOA invites qualified candidates with dedicated experience in tribal economic development to apply for this critical position. All proposals/applications should be submitted to VaRene Martin, 1st Vice President, via e-mail. at More information about the position and application requirements can be found at



NAFOA was founded over 40 years ago as the Native American Finance Officers Association to highlight the role of tribal finance in fostering economic opportunities. Over the last four decades, NAFOA has grown along with tribes to be advocates of sound economic and fiscal policy and developers of innovative training programs in financial management to build the skills of the next generation. Semiannually, NAFOA convenes tribal leadership, experienced professionals, and economic partners to meet the challenges of economic growth and change. To learn more about NAFOA, visit the website


NAFOA Announces Former Yurok Tribal Leader Susan Masten As Interim Executive Director

NAFOA, founded as the Native American Finance Officers Association, names former Yurok Tribal Leader Susan Masten as its interim executive director effective today, June 1, 2023. She was appointed to the position by the NAFOA Board of Directors. As interim executive director, Masten will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the organization, as well as leading its strategic direction.

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