Treasury Announces Framework to Promote Fairer, More Equitable Compliance Across Programs and Services 


Last week, the Department of the Treasury announced a new initiative aimed at increasing fairness and transparency within the Department’s compliance and enforcement practices. “The Treasury Department provides critical services that touch the lives of millions of American families, workers, and businesses,” said Deputy Secretary Adeyemo. “[The] announcement is part of a comprehensive strategy directed by Secretary Yellen to promote fairness and accountability in our compliance and enforcement efforts as we safeguard against waste, fraud, and abuse.”

The Treasury Department will be implementing this new framework and undergo a series of four steps:
  1. Review existing communication, compliance monitoring, and enforcement policies and procedures.
  2. Consult with key stakeholders to identify ways to strengthen the fair and impartial enforcement and compliance actions.
  3. Develop methods to regularly test compliance and enforcement systems to detect disparate impacts.
  4. Regularly report to Deputy Secretary.
Of the new framework, the Department of the Treasury states, “These efforts—in conjunction with ongoing monitoring and assessment of program policies—will enhance our ability to foster public trust in the fair, effective, and impartial administration of compliance programs across the Department.”

As a reminder, the Department of the Treasury maintains an email for those wishing to submit public comments on tribal affairs at any time.  Interested parties can send comments to

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